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Huida Electronics Co,. Ltd

Welcome to Huida Electronics Co., Ltd, the premium home electronics manufacturer. From the establishment in 2009, HuidaElec has been focusing on indentifying market needs at healthy,simple and natural lifestyle.

Recognized with countless awards over five years,HuidaElec is constently at the frefront with new technologies and applications in affordable, easy-to-operate and fun products at the highest quality levels.

In home electronics field, HuidaElec's reputation is consistently earned for providing cutting edge but easy-to-use features. This is done through products designed to Mini LED light, bluetooth speaker,bank power and wireless charger pad through uniquely innovative and used-friendly application. Additionally, HuidaElec remains deeply integrated into the consumer electronics technology trends, both with simple products as well as fun, experience-enhancing accessiories for a mobile and wireless market that is simple growing exponentially each year.





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